Storm over Saint Peter's Basilica

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Part 1: The Secret Driving Force of Communism

1. Communism as Destroyer

2. The Creators of the System

3. The Head of Communism

4. The Financiers of Communism

5. Jewish Testimony

Part 2: The Power Concealed Behind Freemasonry

1. Freemasonry, enemy of the Church and Christianity

2. The Jews as founders of Freemasonry

3. The Jews as the leaders of the Freemasons

4. Crimes of Freemasonry

5. Freemasonry as spreader of the Jacobin revolutions

6. Freemasonry favours and spreads Communism

Part 3: The Synagogue
of Satan

1. Jewish striving for power

2. More concerning the Jewish religion

3. Curses of God against the Jews

4. Massacres of Jews ordered by God (Bible)

5. Antisemitism and Christianity

6. Christ, the symbol of Anti-semitism, so the Jews assert

7. The Deicide People

8. The Apostles condemn the Jews for murdering Christ

9. Morality of struggle and not deadly defeatism

10. The Jews kill Christians and persecute the Apostles

11. The Roman persecutions were caused by the Jews

Part 4: The Jewish Fifth Column in the Clergy

1. The Octopus strangling Christianity

2. The origin of the Fifth Column

3. The Fifth Column in action

4. Jewry, the Father of the Gnostics

5. The Jew Arius and his heresy

6. The Jews as allies of Julian the Apostate

7. St John Chrysostom & St Ambrose condemn the Jews

8. Saint Cyril conquers Nestor and expels the Jews

9. The barbarian invasion, a triumph of the Arian Jews

10. Catholic victory

11. Toledo Council 3 pulls Jews from public office

12. Toledo Council 4 ex-communicates judaeophiles

13. Negligence in struggle against clandestine Jewry

14. The Church combats secret Jewry

15. It is necessary to destroy the Jewish fifth column

16. Jewish conspiracies punished with slavery

17. Christian-Jewish recon-ciliation. Prelude to collapse

18. The Jews betray their most loyal friends

19. The Church Councils fight Jewry

20. Attempt to subject Holy Roman Empire to the Jews

21. The Council of Meaux combats the Jews

22. Jewish terror in Castile in the 14th century

23. The Jews betray their best protectors

24. Jewish infiltration in the clergy

25. A Jewish Cardinal becomes Pope

26. Sts. Bernard & Norbert free Church from Jewry

27. A Jewish-Republican revolution in 12th century

28. Jewish revolutions attack Church Tradition

29. Secret Jewry and the Albigensian heresy

30. The Jews and the Waldenses

31. Hildrebrand destroys Jewish theocracy in N. Italy

32. The Jewish fifth column in Russian Orthodox Church

33. The Jews spread the cult of Satan

34. Defence against Jewish revolution of Middle Ages

35. Bishops accused of worshipping Lucifer

36. Clerics excommunicated for supporting heresy

37. Innocent III and 4th Lateran Council

38. Monks, nuns and prelates as secret Jews

39. Judaeo-masonic infiltration of Jesuit Order

40. Conspiracies against history and the rites

41. Errors of the Nazis and Imperialists

42. Popes and saints combat the Jews

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